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Crowned Tetrameric Spirocyclic Water Chain:  An Unusual Building Block of a Supramolecular Metal−Organic Host

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posted on 07.02.2007, 00:00 by Somnath Ray Choudhury, Atish Dipankar Jana, Enrique Colacio, Hon Man Lee, Golam Mostafa, Subrata Mukhopadhyay
A 3D supramolecular metal−organic host could be realized in solid in which the water assembly as a whole acted as a building block of the 3D framework with rectangular channels where guest molecules reside, adding a new dimension to water cluster research where the role of water has been shifted from its usual behavior of guest to that of a host. The crystal structure of the compound, {[Cu(mal)2](picH)2·5H2O}n, 1 [mal = malonate dianion, picH = protonated 2-amino-4-picoline], synthesized from purely aqueous media, shows that the Cu(II)−malonate 2D coordination polymeric sheets are locked together by the water assembly that lines up perpendicular to the Cu(II)−malonate sheets constituting a 3D infinite supramolecular host where within the channels protonated 2-amino-4-picoline auxiliary ligands are accommodated. A spirocyclic tetrameric water chain having a dimeric crown on it describes the composition of the water assembly that runs down the c-axis.