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Crack/Fold Hybrid Structure-Based Fluidic Networks Inspired by the Epidermis of Desert Lizards

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posted on 2016-10-05, 00:00 authored by Junghwa Cha, Hyunjae Shin, Pilnam Kim
A bioinspired fluidic system with cracks and folds was introduced to emulate the structures and functions of desert lizards’ integuments, which show marked ability of water management. Because there was a structural analogy between scales and interscalar channels of lizard’s skin and cracks and folds of a bilayer elastic material, we can mimic lizard’s skin by controlling the stress distribution on patterned elastomers. Our system showed not only capillary-driven water retention within confined fluidic network, but also stretching-driven biaxial water transport. Observed features of our system may enhance understanding of water management in relation to morphogenetic aspects of lizards.