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Covalently Immobilized Polyethylenimine for CO2 Adsorption

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journal contribution
posted on 09.12.2019, 18:56 by Joel M. Kolle, Abdelhamid Sayari
Covalent immobilization of PEI on PE-AlSiO2 using 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane (GPS) or 3-triethoxysilylpropyl isocyanate (TPI) as a grafting agent and Et3N or NaOH as a catalyst was investigated. Compared to traditional PEI impregnation, covalently immobilized PEI using TPI and NaOH retained the most CO2 following oxidative degradation at 100 °C for up to 40 h and leaching in EtOH for 2 h. Further modification of PEI with 1,2-epoxybutane led to further enhancement in oxidation stability.