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Covalent Triazine Frameworks Prepared from 1,3,5-Tricyanobenzene

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posted on 14.05.2013, 00:00 by Phisan Katekomol, Jérôme Roeser, Michael Bojdys, Jens Weber, Arne Thomas
A novel covalent triazine framework (CTF-0) was prepared by trimerization of 1,3,5-tricyanobenzene in molten ZnCl2. The monomer/ZnCl2 ratio, the reaction time, and temperature significantly influence the structure and porosity of such networks. XRD measurements revealed that crystalline frameworks can be formed with surface areas around 500 m2·g–1 and high CO2 uptakes. Increasing the reaction temperature yielded an amorphous material with an enlarged surface area of 2000 m2·g–1. This material showed good catalytic activity for CO2 cycloaddition.