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Coupling Reliable Interfacial Carrier Migration Channels with Visible-Light Response Antennas in ZnO-Based Heterostructure for Ameliorated Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation

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posted on 2024-03-29, 11:33 authored by Shudong Liang, Zehan Wang, Ling Zhou, Shaoqiang You, Rongbin Zhang, Feng Liu, Ping Niu, Xuewen Wang
Engineering targeted and reliable charge transfer pathways in multiphase photocatalysts remains a challenge. Herein, we conceptualize the Cd@CdS-ZnO/reduced graphene oxide (rGO)/ZnS heterostructures coupled with reliable carrier migration channels and visible-light response antennas by building rGO-integrated electrochemical nanoreactors and an ion-exchange process. In this ternary catalyst, the Cd clusters and rGO perform as charge relays to boost carrier transport via the Z-scheme route and accelerate photogenerated carriers to react with surface-adsorbed substances. Meanwhile, thanks to CdS, the heterostructures have photocatalytic properties under visible light illumination and can also inhibit self-corrosion by shielding Cd clusters to avoid disrupting charge transfer channels. Therefore, the special heterostructure demonstrates fascinating photocatalytic hydrogen production activity without the intervention of cocatalysts. This work provides a feasible protocol for improving the interfaces between metals and semiconductors to achieve efficient photocatalytic hydrogen generation.