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Core/Shell Nanocomposites Produced by Superfast Sequential Microfluidic Nanoprecipitation

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posted on 06.01.2017, 00:00 authored by Dongfei Liu, Hongbo Zhang, Salvatore Cito, Jin Fan, Ermei Mäkilä, Jarno Salonen, Jouni Hirvonen, Tiina M. Sikanen, David A. Weitz, Hélder A. Santos
Although a number of techniques exist for generating structured organic nanocomposites, it is still challenging to fabricate them in a controllable, yet universal and scalable manner. In this work, a microfluidic platform, exploiting superfast (milliseconds) time intervals between sequential nanoprecipitation processes, has been developed for high-throughput production of structured core/shell nanocomposites. The extremely short time interval between the sequential nanoprecipitation processes, facilitated by the multiplexed microfluidic design, allows us to solve the instability issues of nanocomposite cores without using any stabilizers. Beyond high throughput production rate (∼700 g/day on a single device), the generated core/shell nanocomposites harness the inherent ultrahigh drug loading degree and enhanced payload dissolution kinetics of drug nanocrystals and the controlled drug release from polymer-based nanoparticles.