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Coral-Like TeO2 Microwires for Rechargeable Aluminum Batteries

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posted on 06.02.2020, 14:37 by Jiguo Tu, Mingyong Wang, Yiwa Luo, Shuqiang Jiao
Recently, aluminum-ion batteries have been receiving growing attention based on their low cost, good safety, and excellent capacity. In this work, the coral-like TeO2 microwires synthesized by two-step thermal treatment can be revealed as excellent aluminum-ion battery cathodes. It delivers a capacity of 214.2 mAh g–1 and a relatively high-voltage plateau of ∼1.3 V at 200 mA g–1 and remains at 88.5 mAh g–1 over 100 cycles. Moreover, the reaction mechanism of TeO2 is verified as the insertion of Al3+ ions during discharging. More importantly, based on the design of acetylene black-modified separator, the higher reversible capacity of 152.0 mAh g–1 can be achieved over 150 cycles at 200 mA g–1 with a high Coulombic efficiency of 98.4%. At a higher current density of 500 mA g–1, the battery can reach a stable capacity of 91.1 mAh g–1 over 700 cycles, displaying the superior long-term cycling stability, high capacity, and good rate capability. The results indicate that the coral-like TeO2 microwires and acetylene black-modified separator can open up a new opportunity and be of great significance for further development of high-capacity and high-stability aluminum-ion batteries.