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Copper-Mediated Cascade C–H/N–H Annulation of Indolocarboxamides with Arynes: Construction of Tetracyclic Indoloquinoline Alkaloids

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posted on 2017-12-08, 15:36 authored by Ting-Yu Zhang, Chang Liu, Chao Chen, Jian-Xin Liu, Heng-Ye Xiang, Wei Jiang, Tong-Mei Ding, Shu-Yu Zhang
An efficient and environmentally benign Cu-mediated method was developed for direct cascade C–H/N–H annulation to construct polyheterocyclic indoloquinoline scaffolds. This method highlights an emerging strategy for transforming inert C–H bonds into versatile functional groups in organic synthesis and provides a new versatile approach for the efficient synthesis of indolo­[3,2-c] and [2,3-c]­quinoline alkaloids.