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Copper-Based Integral Catalytic Impeller for the Rapid Catalytic Reduction of 4‑Nitrophenol

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posted on 13.08.2021, 01:43 by Jiawei Sun, Min Li, Xueyan Sun, Lu Wang, Peng Han, Guicun Qi, Dali Gao, Lijing Zhang, Shengyang Tao
The integral catalytic impeller can simultaneously improve reaction efficiency and avoid the problem of catalyst separation, which has great potential in applying heterogeneous catalysis. This paper introduced a strategy of combining electroless copper plating with 3D printing technology to construct a pluggable copper-based integral catalytic agitating impeller (Cu-ICAI) and applied it to the catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol (4-NP). The obtained Cu-ICAI exhibits very excellent catalytic activity. The 4-NP conversion rate reaches almost 100% within 90 s. Furthermore, the Cu-ICAI can be easily pulled out from the reactor to be repeatedly used more than 15 times with high performance. Energy-dispersive spectrometry, X-ray diffraction, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy characterizations show that the catalyst obtained by electroless copper plating is a ternary Cu-Cu2O-CuO composite catalyst, which is conducive to the electron transfer process. This low-cost, facile, and versatile strategy, combining electroless plating and 3D printing, may provide a new idea for the preparation of the integral impeller with other metal catalytic activities.