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Copolymerization of Nonpolar Olefins and Allyl Acetate Using Nickel Catalysts Bearing a Methylene-Bridged Bisphosphine Monoxide Ligand

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posted on 01.04.2020, 11:34 by Jin Jung, Hina Yasuda, Kyoko Nozaki
Bisphosphine monoxide ligand 1 with a methylene linker was applied to the nickel catalyzed olefin polymerization. In situ generated phenylnickel chloride complex 2 and NaBArF4 mediated the homopolymerization of ethylene and propylene. In addition, complex 2 and NaBArF4 produced the copolymer of those nonpolar olefins with allyl acetate. Cationic η3-allylnickel complex 3 was successfully isolated and characterized by X-ray crystallographic analysis. Complex 3 exhibited square planar geometry with a bite angle close to 90 deg. Although a strong Lewis acidic cocatalyst such as ZnEt2, B­(C6F5)3, or methylaluminoxane was required for the activation, complex 3 could also copolymerize nonpolar olefins with allyl acetate.