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Convenient Route to Fischer-Type Carbene Ruthenium Complexes:  Highly Selective Catalysts for Ring Opening/Cross-Metathesis of Norbornene Derivatives

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posted on 2003-01-07, 00:00 authored by Hiroyuki Katayama, Masato Nagao, Fumiyuki Ozawa
The Fischer-type ruthenium carbene complexes RuCl2{C(H)ER}(PCy3)2 (ER = SPh (1a), SC6H4Me-p (1b), SC6H4Cl-p (1c), SC6H4OMe-p (1d), SePh (1e)) have been prepared by the reactions of Ru(p-cymene)(cod), PCy3, and the corresponding dichloromethyl chalcogenides (Cl2CHER) in 47−80% yields. The starting Ru(p-cymene)(cod) is readily synthesized in high yield from [RuCl2(p-cymene)]2. The X-ray structures of 1b and 1e are reported. Complexes 1a and 1e serve as highly selective catalysts for ring opening/cross-metathesis of norbornene derivatives with vinyl chalcogenides.