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Controlling the Structure of Arenedisulfonates toward Catalytically Active Materials

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posted on 24.02.2009, 00:00 by Felipe Gándara, Enrique Gutiérrez Puebla, Marta Iglesias, Davide M. Proserpio, Natalia Snejko, M. Ángeles Monge
By adjusting the solvothermal synthesis conditions, two ytterbium catalytically active MOF (metal organic framework) materials aimed at two different heterogeneous processes have been obtained as pure phases. Yb-LRH belongs to the first family of layered rare-earth hydroxides (LRH). With a 2D structure, highly related to that of the layered doubles hydroxides, Yb-LRHs have cationic inorganic layers with formula [Yb4(OH)10(H2O)4]n2+ and is a very active and selective catalyst in the sulfide oxidation reaction. The second, Yb-RPF-5, is a 3D rare-earth polymeric framework material, with formula [Yb(OH)(2,6-AQDS)(H2O)] (AQDS = anthraquinone-2,6-disulfonate). With lower coordination for the Yb atom and additional acidity from the coordinated ligands, it acts as a good catalyst in hydrodesulfurization (HDS) reactions. Both materials are bifunctional catalysts in redox and acid processes. Structural features of the materials, as well as their catalytic activity and topology, have been studied.