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Controlling the Effective Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution of sp2 Carbon Materials and Their Impact on the Capacitance Performance of These Materials

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posted on 2016-02-19, 11:43 authored by Long Zhang, Xi Yang, Fan Zhang, Guankui Long, Tengfei Zhang, Kai Leng, Yawei Zhang, Yi Huang, Yanfeng Ma, Mingtao Zhang, Yongsheng Chen
A series of sp2 carbon materials with different specific surface area (SSA) and controlled pore size distribution (PSD) were synthesized at large scale through a facile and low-cost method. The SSA and PSD of these carbon materials were controlled by using different carbon sources and preparation methods. With different total and effective SSA (E-SSA) and PSD, the impacts on their capacitance performance were investigated thoroughly, which demonstrated that both E-SSA and PSD played the most important roles in their capacitance performance. Furthermore, theoretical modeling was performed, and the results are in agreement with the experimental results for the influence of E-SSA and PSD on their capacitance performance. Based on these, a general model using the slit/cylindrical NL-DFT approach is proposed for the estimation of the specific capacitance of sp2 carbon materials, which offers a simple but reliable method to predict the capacitance performance of these materials, thus speeding up the design and screening of the materials for high-performance supercapacitor and other surface area related devices.