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Controlled Vesicle Self-Assembly in Microfluidic Channels with Hydrodynamic Focusing

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posted on 10.03.2004, 00:00 by Andreas Jahn, Wyatt N. Vreeland, Michael Gaitan, Laurie E. Locascio
Traditional liposome preparation methods are based on mixing of bulk phases, leading to inhomogeneous chemical and/or mechanical conditions during formation; hence liposomes are often polydisperse in size and lamellarity. Here we show the formation of liposomes that encapsulate reagents in a continuous two-phase flow microfluidic network with precision control of size from 100 to 300 nm by manipulation of liquid flow rates. We demonstrate that by creating a solvent−aqueous interfacial region in a microfluidic format that is homogeneous and controllable on the length scale of a liposome, we can facilitate the fine control of liposome size and polydispersity.