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Controlled Spacing between Nanopatterned Regions in Block Copolymer Films Obtained by Utilizing Substrate Topography for Local Film Thickness Differentiation

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posted on 2019-09-17, 11:36 authored by Elisheva Michman, Marcel Langenberg, Roland Stenger, Meirav Oded, Mark Schvartzman, Marcus Müller, Roy Shenhar
Various types of devices require hierarchically nanopatterned substrates, where the spacing between patterned domains is controlled. Ultraconfined films exhibit extreme morphological sensitivity to slight variations in film thickness when the substrate is highly selective toward one of the blocks. Here, it is shown that using the substrate’s topography as a thickness differentiating tool enables the creation of domains with different surface patterns in a fully controlled fashion from a single, unblended block copolymer. This approach is applicable to block copolymers of different compositions and to different topographical patterns and thus opens numerous possibilities for the hierarchical construction of multifunctional devices.