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Controlled Size Silver Nanoparticles Synthesis with Water-in-Oil Microemulsion Method: A Topical Review

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posted on 22.02.2016, 15:06 authored by Jignasa N. Solanki, Zagabathuni Venkata Panchakshari Murthy
Synthesis of noble metallic nanoparticles, in general, and silver nanoparticles (SNPs), in particular, currently are of special interest. In the present paper, an overview of the enhanced properties of SNPs and consequential applications of SNPs are discussed. Common synthesis methods and their comparison with the microemulsion technology, particularly advantages of SNPs formation with microemulsion technology, are discussed. A brief overview of the basics of microemulsion technology for nanoparticles formation is also presented. The complete topical review of microemulsion synthesis technique used to date for the generation of SNPs is discussed comprehensively. Control parameters have been explicated for influencing size, size uniformity, and stability aspects of the SNPs reported in the literature, allowing a tailored synthesis for specific application. Recent modifications made on the synthesis of SNPs to obtain monodisperse, high yield and stability are also discussed. Lastly, some future trends and perspectives in these research areas are outlined.