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Controlled Self-Assembly of λ‑DNA Networks with the Synergistic Effect of a DC Electric Field

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posted on 2019-11-12, 12:33 authored by Mingyan Gao, Jing Hu, Ying Wang, Mengnan Liu, Jianfei Wang, Zhengxun Song, Hongmei Xu, Cuihua Hu, Zuobin Wang
Large-scale and morphologically controlled self-assembled λ-DNA networks were successfully constructed by the synergistic effect of a DC electric field. The effect of DNA concentration, direction, and intensity of the electric field, even the modification of the mica surface using Mg2+ on the characteristics of the as-prepared DNA networks, were investigated in detail by atomic force microscopy (AFM). It was found that the horizontal electric field was more advantageous to the formation of DNA networks with more regular structures. At the same concentration, the height of DNA network was not affected significantly by the intensity change of the horizontal electric field. The modification of Mg2+ on mica surface increased the aggregation of DNA molecules, which contributed to the morphological change of the DNA networks. Furthermore, DNA molecules were obviously stretched in both horizontal and vertical electric fields at low DNA concentrations.