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Controllable α- or β‑Functionalization of α‑Diazoketones with Aromatic Amides via Cobalt-Catalyzed C–H Activation: A Regioselective Approach to Isoindolinones

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posted on 25.07.2019, 17:37 by Murong Xu, Yang Yuan, Ye Wang, Qihai Tao, Chengyu Wang, Yanzhong Li
Efficient procedures for the selective α- or β-functionalization of α-diazoketones with aromatic amides were developed by using a cobalt catalyst under ligand-free conditions. Normal α-functionalization of α-diazoketones was achieved via C­(sp2)–H bond functionalization of aromatic amides in the presence of Co­(acac)2/TBHP. Interestingly, β-functionalization of α-diazoketones was realized with a Co­(OAc)2/AgOAc catalyst system. Further intramolecular cyclization afforded the desired isoindolinones in good to excellent yields.