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Control over Energy Transfer between Fluorescent BODIPY Dyes in a Strongly Coupled Microcavity

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journal contribution
posted on 05.12.2017, 00:00 by Kyriacos Georgiou, Paolo Michetti, Lizhi Gai, Marco Cavazzini, Zhen Shen, David G. Lidzey
Hybridization of two fluorescent BODIPY dyes in a microcavity is achieved by coupling different exciton transitions to the same cavity mode. We characterize the luminescence of such a hybrid system following nonresonant laser excitation and show that the relative population along the different polariton branches can be controlled by changing cavity detuning. This effect is used to enhance exciton energy transfer to states along the lower polariton branch in negatively detuned cavities. We compare the efficiency of energy transfer via exciton hybridization with that achieved by dipole–dipole coupling.