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Construction of a Functional Layered Solid Using the Tetrakis(imidazolyl)borate Coordinating Anion

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posted on 2002-09-13, 00:00 authored by Barton H. Hamilton, Kathryn A. Kelly, Todd A. Wagler, Matthew P. Espe, Christopher J. Ziegler
The coordination polymer Pb[B(Im)4](NO3), constructed by using tetrakis(imidazolyl)borate and lead(II) nitrate solutions, is a layered material with the metal centers facing the interlayer spacing. As in naturally occurring layered minerals, this compound can readily undergo anion exchange in the solid state with retention of crystallinity. We examined stoichiometric exchange of 15N-nitrate for nitrate and iodide for nitrate by 15N and 207Pb SSNMR and confirmed retention of crystallinity by IR and powder XRD diffraction.