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Constructing Large Interconnect Conductive Networks: An Effective Approach for Excellent Electromagnetic Wave Absorption at Gigahertz

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posted on 30.01.2018, 00:00 by Huanqin Zhao, Yan Cheng, Xiaohui Liang, Youwei Du, Guangbin Ji
In recent years, with the development of electronic equipment, fabricating a lightweight and effective absorber to prevent electromagnetic (EM) wave pollution has been an imperative mission. Among diverse innovative strategies, constructing a large interconnected conductive network has been an effective approach to dissipate the EM wave. Herein, Co/C hybrids with twisty carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were prepared from melamine-formaldehyde resin through a polymerization method together with a subsequent calcination process. The resultant Co/C hybrids were strung into an interconnected framework by long and twist CNTs, which exhibited remarkable microwave characteristic at low loading content of 20 wt % in a wax matrix. The reflection loss (RL) intensity of −43 dB was achieved with an effective frequency bandwidth (RL < −10 dB) of 4.45 GHz at 1.85 mm. Such excellent absorbing properties at lower filler loading and thin thickness endow the Co/C hybrids with significant potential for application in attenuation EM wave energy.