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Constructing Hyperbolic Metamaterials with Arbitrary Medium

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posted on 16.03.2021, 19:17 authored by Li-Zheng Yin, Feng-Yuan Han, Jin Zhao, Di Wang, Tie-Jun Huang, Pu-Kun Liu
Recent advances in hyperbolic metamaterials have spurred many breakthroughs in the field of light manipulation. However, the extremely high demands on the compositional materials and the relatively small effective permittivity coverage have greatly hindered the rapid development of hyperbolic metamaterials. Here, based on the proposed concept of structure-induced spoof surface plasmon, we prove that hyperbolic metamaterials with independent effective permittivity components can be constructed using arbitrary single dielectric. Moreover, the achievable ranges of the relative effective permittivity components are unlimited. Three proof-of-concept hyperbolic metamaterials with different permittivity tensors are designed and fabricated in which the unique anomalous diffraction is numerically and experimentally verified. To further illustrate the superiority of the method, we propose and demonstrate a novel all-metal hyperbolic metamaterial whose loss is extremely low. The proposed methodology significantly reduces the design complexity of hyperbolic metamaterials and provides new ideas for the scenarios necessitating large permittivity coverage such as microwave and terahertz focus, super-resolution imaging, and electromagnetic cloaking.