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Conjugatable and Bioreduction Cleavable Linker for the 5′-Functionalization of Oligonucleotides

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posted on 2017-01-23, 13:50 authored by Hisao Saneyoshi, Yuta Yamamoto, Kazuhiko Kondo, Yuki Hiyoshi, Akira Ono
An efficient conjugatable and bioreduction cleavable linker was designed and synthesized for the 5′-terminal ends of oligonucleotides. A phosphoramidite reagent bearing this linker was successfully applied to solid phase synthesis and incorporated at the 5′-terminal ends of oligonucleotides. The controlled pore glass (CPG)-supported oligonucleotides were subsequently conjugated to a diverse range of functional molecules using a CuAAC reaction. The synthesized oligonucleotide conjugates were then cleaved using a nitroreductase/NADH bioreduction system to release the naked oligonucleotides.