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Confining Metal–Organic Framework Nanocrystals within Mesoporous Materials: A General Approach via “Solid-State” Synthesis

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journal contribution
posted on 21.08.2017, 00:00 by Ignacio Luz, Mustapha Soukri, Marty Lail
Here we report the selective growth of well-dispersed metal–organic framework (MOF) nanocrystals within mesoporous materials via novel “solid-state” synthesis. The ability to control and direct the growth of MOFs on confined surfaces (pores) paves the way for new prospective applications of such hybrid systems and could unlock the full potential of these materials. As confirmed by a combination of different characterization techniques, an outstanding high loading of mesoporous cavities (≤40 wt %) by the smallest MOF crystals yet reported (4.5 ± 1 nm) leads to several improved properties, including diffusion, attrition resistance, and handling.