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Conducting, Self-Assembled, Nacre-Mimetic Polymer/Clay Nanocomposites

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posted on 29.07.2015, 00:00 by Roi Oskari Mäkiniemi, Paramita Das, Daniel Hönders, Konrad Grygiel, Daniela Cordella, Christophe Detrembleur, Jiayin Yuan, Andreas Walther
We demonstrate electrically and ionically conducting nacre-mimetic nanocomposites prepared using self-assembly of synthetic nanoclay in combination with PEDOT:PSS and a poly­(ionic liquid) polymer from aqueous dispersions. The resulting nacre-mimetics show high degrees of mesoscale order and combine high stiffness and high strength. In terms of conductivities, the resulting hybrids exceed simple additive behavior and display synergetic conductivities due to high levels of interfaces and anisotropic conductivity pathways. The approach highlights the integration of relevant functionalities into stiff and strong bioinspired materials, and shows that synergetic properties beyond mechanical performance can be realized in advanced multifunctional nanocomposites using nacre-inspired design principles.