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Complexes of the [K(18-Crown-6)]+ Fragment with Bis(tetrazolyl)borate Ligands: Unexpected Boron−Nitrogen Bond Isomerism and Associated Enforcement of κ3-N,N′,H-Ligand Chelation

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journal contribution
posted on 05.07.2010, 00:00 by Dongmei Lu, Charles H. Winter
The syntheses and solid-state structures of K(BH2(RCN4)2)(18-crown-6) (R = H, Me, NMe2, and NiPr2) are described. Complexes where R = H and Me have B−N bonds to N1 of the tetrazolyl groups and form one-dimensional polymers, whereas those with R = NMe2 and NiPr2 possess isomeric B−N bonds to N2 of the tetrazolyl moieties and adopt chelating κ3-N,N′,H-coordination modes to the potassium ion.