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Complete Utilization of Rapeseed Meal to Produce Lipophilic Antioxidants, Protein, and Monosugars in a Concordant Manner

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posted on 18.05.2017, 00:00 by Jingbo Li, Zheng Guo
The possibilities of complete utilization of rapeseed meal to produce lipophilic phenolic compounds, protein, and monosugars were evaluated extensively in this work. Advanced techniques including NMR and MS were employed for confirming the occurrence of the proposed reaction structurally. Lipophilization of the major phenolic compound in rapeseed meal, sinapine, by transesterification reaction was achieved in a solvent-free system with optimal conditions of 10 mg NaOH/g meal, 70 °C, 15 mL methanol/g meal, and 15 min. Sinapate alkyl esters yields were decreased gradually with longer chain alcohols. However, the purity of the targeted compounds in corresponding alcohols was improved due to low solubilities of the other polar compounds. After sinapate alkyl esters production, the solid residue was soaked in NaOH solution at room temperature for protein extraction and 50 mg protein/g meal with protein content of 77% was obtained. The above two procedures played roles as pretreatments of the carbohydrate. Hexose yield of 67% was reached without any other pretreatments. This work suggests the big possibilities of producing high value products from rapeseed meal in a concordant manner.