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Comparative Study on the Formation and Oxidation-Level Control of Three-Dimensional Conductive Nanofilms for Gas Sensor Applications

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posted on 05.02.2020, 09:29 by Kyung Hee Cho, Jyongsik Jang, Jun Seop Lee
Investment in wearable monitoring systems is increasing rapidly for realizing their practical applications, for example, in medical treatment, sports, and security systems. However, existing wearable monitoring systems are designed to measure a real-time physical signal and abnormal conditions rather than harmful environmental characteristics. In this study, a flexible chemical sensor electrode based on a three-dimensional conductive nanofilm (3D CNF) is fabricated via facile polymerization with temperature control. The morphology and chemical state of the 3D CNF are modified via electrochemical doping control to increase the carrier mobility and the active surface area of the sensor electrode. The sensor electrode is highly sensitive (up to 1 ppb), selective, and stable for an analyte (NH3) at room temperature owing to the three-dimensional morphology of polypyrrole and the oxidation-level control.