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Combining Visible-Light-Photoredox and Lewis Acid Catalysis for the Synthesis of Indolizino­[1,2‑b]­quinolin-9(11H)‑ones and Irinotecan Precursor

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posted on 2017-12-07, 18:18 authored by Wuheng Dong, Yao Yuan, Bei Hu, Xiaoshuang Gao, Huang Gao, Xiaomin Xie, Zhaoguo Zhang
One-step construction of substituted indolizino­[1,2-b]­quinolin-9­(11H)-ones was achieved by combining visible-light-photoredox and Lewis acid catalysis for an intramolecular Povarov cycloaddition reaction under mild conditions. In this catalytic process, the visible-light-promoted dehydrogenation protocol of tetrahydro­quinolines constitutes the key procedure. Moreover, this method can be applied to the formal synthesis of the precursor of irinotecan, which exhibited good anticancer activities.