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Combining Magnetic Ion Exchange Media and Microsand before Coagulation as Pretreatment for Submerged Ultrafiltration: Biopolymers and Small Molecular Weight Organic Matter

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posted on 01.11.2019, 16:03 by Wenzheng Yu, Mengjie Liu, Nigel J. D. Graham
In order to reduce the fouling of ultrafiltration (UF) systems caused by influent organic matter and microbial activities in the membrane tank, a novel pretreatment process has been evaluated involving the combination of magnetic ion exchange media (MIEX), microsand, and alum coagulation. Using a continuous flow bench-scale UF membrane apparatus and synthetic water, the influence of MIEX and microsand with alum pretreatment on membrane fouling was studied in comparison to a conventional pretreatment by alum alone. It was found that the continuous addition of low doses of MIEX and microsand substantially reduced (∼50%) membrane fouling for nearly 60 days of operation, both in terms of reversible and irreversible fouling. MIEX adsorption increased the removal of dissolved organic matter, particularly hydrophobic and proteinaceous substances, and some fractions of humic-type substances, while the addition of microsand increased the density of flocs, and thus improved the removal of flocs and microorganisms (with flocs) in the membrane tank. As a consequence, the UF membrane with the MIEX/microsand pretreatment had a much reduced cake layer and accumulated material within membrane pores; in particular, the cake layer had much less protein-type and polysaccharide-type substances.