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Combined Strategy for Phytotoxicity Enhancement of Benzoxazinones

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posted on 10.02.2010, 00:00 by Francisco A. Macías, Nuria Chinchilla, Elena Arroyo, José M. G. Molinillo, David Marín, Rosa M. Varela
Fifteen new derivatives of D-DIBOA, including aromatic ring modifications and the addition of side chains in positions C-2 and N-4, were synthesized and their phytotoxicity, selectivity, and structure−activity relationships evaluated. The most active compounds among the derivatives at the C-2 position were 6-Cl-2-Et-D-DIBOA and 6-F-2-Et-D-DIBOA. Of the derivatives at N-4, the most active compounds were 6-Cl-4-Pr-D-DIBOA and 6-Cl-4-Val-D-DIBOA. These four compounds showed high levels of inhibition in root length at very low concentrations in all species. The most remarkable result is the 70% inhibition observed for the root length of cress at 100 nM caused by the latter two compounds. These results support our previous research and conclusions regarding the steric, electronic, and solubility requirements to achieve the maximum phytotoxic activity.