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Combined Nano- and Macrotribology Studies of Titania Lubrication Using the Oil-Ionic Liquid Mixtures

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posted on 2016-07-27, 00:00 authored by Hua Li, Anthony E. Somers, Mark W. Rutland, Patrick C. Howlett, Rob Atkin
The lubrication of titania surfaces using a series of ionic liquid (IL)–hexadecane mixtures has been probed using nanoscale atomic force microscopy (AFM) and macroscale ball-on-disk tribometer measurements. The IL investigated is trihexyl­(tetradecyl)­phosphonium bis­(2,4,4-trimethyl­pentyl)­phosphinate, which is miscible with hexadecane in all proportions. At both length scales, the pure IL is a much more effective lubricant than pure hexadecane. At low loads, which are comparable to common industrial applications, the pure IL reduces the friction by 80% compared to pure hexadecane; while the IL–hexadecane mixtures lubricate the titania surface as effectively as the pure IL and wear decreases with increasing IL concentration. At high test loads the adsorbed ion boundary layer is displaced leading to surface contact and high friction, and wear is pronounced for all IL concentrations. Nonetheless, the IL performs better than a traditional zinc–dialkyl–dithophosphate (ZDDP) antiwear additive at the same concentration.