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Combinative Sonolysis and Photocatalysis for Textile Dye Degradation

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posted on 16.03.2000, 00:00 by Naomi L. Stock, Julie Peller, K. Vinodgopal, Prashant V. Kamat
The merits of combining two advanced oxidation processes, viz., sonolysis and photocatalysis, have been evaluated by investigating the degradation of an azo dye, naphthol blue black (NBB), using a high-frequency ultrasonic generator and UV−photolysis. An additive effect on the degradation rate of the parent compound is observed when the sonolysis and photocatalysis experi ments were carried out in a simultaneous or sequential manner. Sonolysis is effective for inducing faster degradation of the parent dye, while TiO2 photocatalysis is effective for promoting mineralization.