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Colorimetric Sensor Arrays for Volatile Organic Compounds

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posted on 01.06.2006, 00:00 by Michael C. Janzen, Jennifer B. Ponder, Daniel P. Bailey, Crystal K. Ingison, Kenneth S. Suslick
The development of a low-cost, sensitive colorimetric sensor array for the detection and identification of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is reported. Using an array composed of chemoresponsive dyes, enormous discriminatory power is possible in a simple device that can be imaged easily with an ordinary flatbed scanner. Excellent differentiation of closely related organic compounds can be achieved, and a library of 100 VOCs is presented. The array discriminates among VOCs by probing a wide range of intermolecular interactions, including Lewis acid/base, Brønsted acid/base, metal ion coordination, hydrogen bonding, and dipolar interactions. Importantly, by proper choice of dyes and substrate, the array is essentially nonresponsive to changes in humidity.