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Coherent Twinning Phenomena:  Towards Twinning Superlattices in III−V Semiconducting Nanowires

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posted on 13.12.2006, 00:00 by Qihua Xiong, J. Wang, P. C. Eklund
We report evidence in GaP and InP nanowires for a coherent modulation of the structure along the wire axis. By using electron diffraction, we have observed an additional series of diffraction peaks consistent with a quasiperiodic placement of twinning boundaries along the wire. This observation is indeed unexpected, as the vapor−liquid−solid growth conditions used to produce the nanowires were not modulated. The averaged repeat distance of the structure, i.e., the distance between twin boundaries, has been found to depend on the temperature gradient imposed in the growth zone. Future control of the twinning superlattice period should allow significant design possibilities for electronic, thermoelectric, thermal and electro-optic applications of semiconducting nanowires.