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Cobalt Oxide-Supported Pt Electrocatalysts: Intimate Correlation between Particle Size, Electronic Metal–Support Interaction and Stability

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posted on 21.09.2020, 22:54 by Manon Bertram, Carolin Prössl, Michal Ronovský, Julius Knöppel, Peter Matvija, Lukáš Fusek, Tomáš Skála, Nataliya Tsud, Maximilian Kastenmeier, Vladimír Matolín, Karl J. J. Mayrhofer, Viktor Johánek, Josef Mysliveček, Serhiy Cherevko, Yaroslava Lykhach, Olaf Brummel, Jörg Libuda
Oxide supports can modify and stabilize platinum nanoparticles (NPs) in electrocatalytic materials. We studied related phenomena on model systems consisting of Pt NPs on atomically defined Co3O4(111) thin films. Chemical states and dissolution behavior of model catalysts were investigated as a function of the particle size and the electrochemical potential by ex situ emersion synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy and by online inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Electronic metal–support interaction (EMSI) yields partially oxidized Ptδ+ species at the metal/support interface of metallic nanometer-sized Pt NPs. In contrast, subnanometer particles form Ptδ+ aggregates that are exclusively accompanied by subsurface Pt4+ species. Dissolution of Cox+ ions is strongly coupled to the presence of Ptδ+ and the reduction of subsurface Pt4+ species. Our findings suggest that EMSI directly affects the integrity of oxide-based electrocatalysts and may be employed to stabilize Pt NPs against sintering and dissolution.