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Cobalt-Catalyzed α‑Methoxymethylation and Aminomethylation of Ketones with Methanol as a C1 Source

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posted on 2018-10-15, 18:51 authored by Jingya Yang, Shuwen Chen, Hongyan Zhou, Chengqi Wu, Ben Ma, Jianliang Xiao
Using methanol as a sustainable C1 source, cobalt-catalyzed α-methoxymethylation and α-aminomethylation of ketones have been developed. With cheap CoCl2·6H2O as catalyst and TBHP as oxidant, the methoxymethylated products were obtained within a short reaction time in up to 91% yield. Based on the observed reversibility of methoxy adduct to enone, the α-aminomethylation of ketones was then achieved by a one-pot methylenation/aza-Michael addition sequence. In addition, an easy way to convert α-methoxymethyl ketones to α-aminomethyl ketones has been discovered.