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Clickable Glycopeptoids for Synthesis of Glycopeptide Mimic

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posted on 2013-10-18, 00:00 authored by Anadi Singhamahapatra, Laxminarayan Sahoo, Duraikkannu Loganathan
Structurally diverse novel glycopeptoids were synthesized which can be attached to biologically important peptides by click reaction to improve their potential to be used in medicinal chemistry. Triazole-linked αβ-hydrid glycopeptoids were synthesized that mimic the conserved linkage region of N-linked glycoproteins in eukaryotes. The amide bonds were replaced with triazole rings, and αβ-hybrid peptoids were introduced as the backbone modification in peptido­mimetics. In addition to their facile synthesis, these modifications have the possibility of introducing otherwise impossible conformations in the peptide backbone.