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Clerodane Diterpenoids Isolated from the Leaves of Casearia graveolens

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posted on 09.01.2020, 14:34 by Feng Liu, Jun Ma, Zhaoyu Shi, Qi Zhang, Huimei Wang, Dihua Li, Zhaohui Song, Chunyan Wang, Jin Jin, Jing Xu, Muhetaer Tuerhong, Munira Abudukeremu, Ling Shuai, Dongho Lee, Yuanqiang Guo
A phytochemical survey aiming to acquire pharmacologically active substances has resulted in the isolation of nine new clerodane diterpenoids, named graveospenes A–I (19), from the leaves of Casearia graveolens. Spectroscopic methods were employed to establish the structures with their absolute configurations being confirmed by ECD data analysis. A biological evaluation was performed, and compound 1 was found to be cytotoxic to both human lung cancer cells (A549) and human hepatocellular carcinoma cells (HepG2). A mechanism-of-action study on 1 revealed this compound to induce apoptosis of A549 cells and impede them at the G0/G1 stage.