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Clay−Fulleropyrrolidine Nanocomposites

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posted on 2006-05-10, 00:00 authored by Dimitrios Gournis, Luboš Jankovič, Enrico Maccallini, Darja Benne, Petra Rudolf, Jean-François Colomer, Chloé Sooambar, Vasilios Georgakilas, Maurizio Prato, Marianna Fanti, Francesco Zerbetto, Ginka H. Sarova, Dirk M. Guldi
In this work, we describe the insertion of a water-soluble bisadduct fulleropyrrolidine derivative into the interlayer space of three layered smectite clays. The composites were characterized by a combination of powder X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, X-ray photoemission and FTIR spectroscopies, and laser flash photolysis measurements. The experiments, complemented by computer simulations, give insight into the formation process, structural details, and properties of the fullerene/clay nanocomposites. The reported composite materials constitute a new hybrid system, where C60 differs from its crystals or its solutions, and open new perspectives for the design and construction of novel C60-based organic/clay hybrid materials.