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Cl‑Templated Assembly of Novel Peanut-like Ln40Ni44 Heterometallic Clusters Exhibiting a Large Magnetocaloric Effect

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posted on 2019-08-07, 15:41 authored by Ning-Fang Li, Qing-Fang Lin, Xi-Ming Luo, Jia-Peng Cao, Yan Xu
Two novel and fascinating high-nuclearity lanthanide-transition (4f–3d) heterometallic clusters were obtained based on an anion-template (Cl) and ligand-controlled approach, formulated as [Gd40­Ni44­(CO3)12­(CH3COO)4­(IDA)44­(C2O4)­(μ2-O)4­(μ3-OH)60­(μ3-O)6­(H2O)12]·Cl10·20H2O (abbreviated as Gd40Ni44, 1) and [Eu40­Ni44­(CO3)12­(CH3COO)6­(IDA)44­(C2O4)­(μ2-O)4­(μ3-OH)62­(μ3-O)4­(H2O)12]·Cl10·23H2O (abbreviated as Eu40Ni44, 2), where H2IDA = iminodiacetic acid and H2C2O4 = oxalic acid. Structural analysis exhibits that the compounds 1 and 2 were both constructed by two enticing bowl-like anion units Ln20Ni22, featuring peanut-like structures. Besides, the assembly of Ln20Ni22 was templated by five Cl ions. Magnetically, compound 1 shows a significant magnetocaloric effect, with −ΔSm = 36.05 J kg–1 K–1 at 3 K for ΔH = 7 T.