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Circular Nonuniform Electric Field Gel Electrophoresis for the Separation and Concentration of Nanoparticles

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posted on 2022-06-02, 09:03 authored by Lu Liu, Ruilin Yang, Jiaxuan Cui, Peng Chen, Hyok Chol Ri, Huaze Sun, Xiangfan Piao, Minshu Li, Qiaosheng Pu, Maurizio Quinto, John L. Zhou, Hai-Bo Shang, Donghao Li
A circular nonuniform electric field strategy coupled with gel electrophoresis was proposed to control the precise separation and efficient concentration of nano- and microparticles. The circular nonuniform electric field has the feature of exponential increase in the electric field intensity along the radius, working with three functional zones of migration, acceleration, and concentration. The distribution form of electric field lines is regulated in functional zones to control the migration behaviors of particles for separation and concentration by altering the relative position of the ring electrode (outside) and rodlike electrode (inner). The circular nonuniform electric field promotes the target-type and high-precision separation of nanoparticles based on the difference in charge-to-size ratio. The concentration multiple of nanoparticles is also controlled randomly with the alternation of radius, taking advantage of vertical extrusion and concentric converging of the migration path. This work provides a brand new insight into the simultaneous separation and concentration of particles and is promising for developing a versatile tool for the separation and preparation of various samples instead of conventional methods.