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Cinnamoyl Derivatives of 7α-Aminomethyl-6,14-endo-ethanotetrahydrothebaine and 7α-Aminomethyl-6,14-endo-ethanotetrahydrooripavine and Related Opioid Ligands

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posted on 18.10.2007, 00:00 by David Rennison, Adrian P. Neal, Gerta Cami-Kobeci, Mario D. Aceto, Fernando Martinez-Bermejo, John W. Lewis, Stephen M. Husbands
A new series of ligands has been synthesized where the cinnamoyl group of the 14-cinnamoylamino morphinones has been introduced to the 7α-substituent of the 6,14-bridged oripavine series. In vitro the compounds were mostly low efficacy partial agonists or antagonists with some selectivity for the mu opioid receptor, with evidence of mu efficacy in vivo. The similarity in SAR between these 6,14-bridged oripavines and the 14-cinnamoylamino series suggests a similar mode of interaction with the mu opioid receptor.