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Chlorine Rechargeable Halamine Biocidal Alginate/Polyacrylamide Hydrogel Beads for Improved Sanitization of Fresh Produce

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posted on 2021-03-08, 13:36 authored by Yuehan Wu, Yang Si, Shilin Liu, Nitin Nitin, Gang Sun
Traditional fresh produce washing systems mainly rely on mechanical forces and usage of chlorine bleach solutions to aid in removal and sanitization of microorganisms attached on surfaces of fresh produce during washing processes. Frequent outbreaks of foodborne diseases from ready-to-eat produce indicate insufficient sanitization of the washing processes. Herein, we present a scalable methodology for creating antimicrobial and chlorine rechargeable hydrogel beads using an in situ formed network of polyacrylamide and natural polysaccharide alginate through an emulsion polymerization. The resulting hydrogel beads exhibited robust mechanical strength, rechargeable chlorination capability, rapid up to 99.99% bacterial killing efficiency, and high produce sanitizaiton efficiency, enabling the hydrogel beads as a promising additive in chlorine sanitization to effectively sanitize the produce and automatically being recharged and reused.