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Chiral N-Fmoc-β-Amino Alkyl Isonitriles Derived from Amino Acids: First Synthesis and Application in 1-Substituted Tetrazole Synthesis

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posted on 02.01.2009, 00:00 by Vommina V. Sureshbabu, N. Narendra, G. Nagendra
A novel class of optically active N-Fmoc-protected amino isonitriles has been described for the first time. Conversion of the carboxyl group of Fmoc-β-amino acids into an isocyano group has resulted in a new class of N-urethane-protected amino isonitriles. All the isonitriles have been isolated as stable solids, purified, and completely characterized. A synthetic application of the obtained isonitriles has also been demonstrated through the synthesis of 1-substituted tetrazole analogues of amino acids via a 2 + 3 cycloaddition with trimethylsilyl azide.