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Chiral Ruthenium Complexes of N,N-Bis(diphenylphosphino) 1,2-Diamines

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posted on 29.08.2002, 00:00 by Vladimir F. Kuznetsov, Gary R. Jefferson, Glenn P. A. Yap, Howard Alper
Facile reactions of [Ru2(OAc)4] with the bis(phosphino) diamines Ph2PN(Me)CH(R)CH(R)N(Me)PPh2 (1ac:  a, R = H; b, 2R = −(CH2)4−; c, R = Ph) affords Δ and Λ stereoisomers of [Ru(OAc)2(P,P)] (2ac). In boiling THF, complex 2a undergoes structural rearrangement, involving the sequential rupture of C−H, C−N, P−N, and C−O bonds. Under the same conditions 2c gives a cyclometalated species, whereas 2b is thermally stable.