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Chiral Indolylarylsulfone Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors as New Potent and Broad Spectrum Anti-HIV‑1 Agents

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posted on 19.06.2017, 00:00 authored by Valeria Famiglini, Giuseppe La Regina, Antonio Coluccia, Domiziana Masci, Andrea Brancale, Roger Badia, Eva Riveira-Muñoz, José A. Esté, Emmanuele Crespan, Alessandro Brambilla, Giovanni Maga, Myriam Catalano, Cristina Limatola, Francesca Romana Formica, Roberto Cirilli, Ettore Novellino, Romano Silvestri
We designed and synthesized a series of chiral indolyarylsulfones (IASs) as new HIV-1 NNRTIs. The new IASs 837 showed potent inhibition of the HIV-1 WT NL4-3 strain and of the mutant K103N, Y181C, Y188L, and K103N–Y181C HIV-1 strains. Six racemic mixtures, 8, 2325, 31, and 33, were separated at semipreparative level into their pure enantiomers. The (R)-8 enantiomer bearing the chiral (α-methylbenzyl) was superior to the (S)-counterpart. IAS derivatives bearing the (S) alanine unit, (S)-23, (S,R)-25, (S)-31, and (S)-33, were remarkably more potent than the corresponding (R)-enantiomers. Compound 23 protected hippocampal neuronal cells from the excitotoxic insult, while efavirenz (EFV) did not contrast the neurotoxic effect of glutamate. The present results highlight the chiral IASs as new NNRTIs with improved resistance profile against the mutant HIV-1 strains and reduced neurotoxic effects.