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Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Glycopeptides Bearing Galactose–Xylose Disaccharide from the Proteoglycan Linkage Region

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posted on 12.02.2021, 16:37 by Jia Gao, Po-han Lin, Setare Tahmasebi Nick, Junfeng Huang, Emil Tykesson, Ulf Ellervik, Lingjun Li, Xuefei Huang
Proteoglycans have important biological activities. To improve the overall synthetic efficiency, a new chemoenzymatic route has been established for the proteoglycan linkage region bearing a galactose-xylose disaccharide. The xylosylated glycopeptides were synthesized via solid phase synthesis, which was followed by the addition of the galactose unit by the galactosyl transferase β4GalT7. This work leads to a better understanding of the acceptor preference of β4GalT7 and opens the door for expeditious synthesis of the proteoglycan linkage region.