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Chemical Intercalation of Zerovalent Metals into 2D Layered Bi2Se3 Nanoribbons

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posted on 20.02.2016, 13:51 by Kristie J. Koski, Colin D. Wessells, Bryan W. Reed, Judy J. Cha, Desheng Kong, Yi Cui
We have developed a chemical method to intercalate a variety of zerovalent metal atoms into two-dimensional (2D) layered Bi2Se3 chalcogenide nanoribbons. We use a chemical reaction, such as a disproportionation redox reaction, to generate dilute zerovalent metal atoms in a refluxing solution, which intercalate into the layered Bi2Se3 structure. The zerovalent nature of the intercalant allows superstoichiometric intercalation of metal atoms such as Ag, Au, Co, Cu, Fe, In, Ni, and Sn. We foresee the impact of this methodology in establishing novel fundamental physical behaviors and in possible energy applications.