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Chemical-Dealloying-Derived PtPdPb-Based Multimetallic Nanoparticles: Dimethyl Ether Electrocatalysis and Fuel Cell Application

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posted on 2023-11-30, 15:46 authored by Medhanie Gebremedhin Gebru, Palaniappan Subramanian, Petr Bělský, Radhey Shyam Yadav, Itay Pitussi, Sarath Sasi, Rostislav Medlín, Jan Minar, Peter Švec, Haya Kornweitz, Alex Schechter
In this work, we report a novel multimetallic nanoparticle catalyst composed of Pt, Pd, and Pb and its electrochemical activity toward dimethyl ether (DME) oxidation in liquid electrolyte and polymer electrolyte fuel cells. Chemical dealloying of the catalyst with the lowest platinum-group metal (PGM) content, Pt2PdPb2/C, was conducted using HNO3 to tune the catalyst activity. Comprehensive characterization of the chemical-dealloying-derived catalyst nanoparticles unambiguously showed that the acid treatment removed 50% Pb from the nanoparticles with an insignificant effect on the PGM metals and led to the formation of smaller-sized nanoparticles. Electrochemical studies showed that Pb dissolution led to structural changes in the original catalysts. Chemical-dealloying-derived catalyst nanoparticles made of multiple phases (Pt, Pt3Pb, PtPb) provided one of the highest PGM-normalized power densities of 118 mW mgPGM–1 in a single direct DME fuel cell operated at low anode catalyst loading (1 mgPGM cm–2) at 70 °C. A possible DME oxidation pathway for these multimetallic catalysts was proposed based on an online mass spectrometry study and the analysis of the reaction products.